Gift Guide – Your Dad


Dads are strange animals. Or at least mine is.

I feel like I always have a hard time buying my dad presents.

Mostly because he would prefer I spend it on myself and not on him.

Like if I bought him a winter hat and gloves set for $5 and myself a $250 pair of shoes, he would say to me, “sounds good, honey.”

Here’s what I found this year for dads.


My dad loves to have actual pictures to take places and this HP Sprocket printer is perfect for him.

Plus the pictures print on stickers, so he can stick pics of us to the wall of his cube. hahah


If you’re dad is anything like mine, he loves music, and he loves all of his old records. But he hasn’t really had anyplace to play his records in years.

This all in one player is the best thing for him. He can play records, cassettes, CDs, the radio, and it has bluetooth!


My parents live in Buffalo. And friends, you know this, but it gets cold there in the winter.

But my dad only has a super warm winter coat (think wearing it only when it’s below 0) and a fleece sweatshirt.

I’m not kidding.

So this North Face Men’s Atlas Triclimate coat is perfect for him. It has a fleece insert so he can wear either the shell or the fleece in the spring and fall. Plus when he combines them, he’ll be able to wear it on those cold days that aren’t below zero.


One of my dad’s other loves is baseball. So tickets to an Indians game (or a game in another city during his annual summer vacation) is perfect for the sports lover in your life.

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