Show & Tell Tuesday


It’s Show & Tell Tuesday with momfessionals!

Today we’re talking about what something we want, need, wear, and read.

It feels so weird to make my Christmas list on the internet.

Oh well.

These are all very tongue-in-cheek items. 🙂

[something i want]


I’m really digging these Noemie petite diamond rings.

Now hear me out.

I have a gold allergy and sometimes when my skin isn’t feeling its best, I don’t wear any jewelry. On those days, I wish I had a ring I could wear instead. And this one totally fits the bill!

[something i need]


I just heard that GE has washers and dryers that connect to your phone so you can start laundry remotely.

Um…having laundry already done when I get home? Yes please!!

Now how do I find someone else to fold it all?!?!? hehe

[something to wear]


I am a sucker for a good coat.

This Ted Baker Kikiie coat would be a welcome treat to wear this Christmas!

[something to read]


During 2018, I want to see if I can read all the Killing series.

Everyone that reads them finds them amazing, so I’m hopeful I can get through it during 2018!



3 thoughts on “Show & Tell Tuesday

  1. Our washer has a delay setting so we can press start but delay the load actually starting for 2, 4, or 8 hours which works great BUT that washer & dryer set you listed looks AWESOME! Starting remotely when I forget to in the morning would be perfect 🙂

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