Frantic Shopping


First of all – thank you all for your love and support during the last week. We will miss my Grandpa for sure but know he’s much more happy and comfortable now.

Secondly – this was me last week when I realized I wasn’t quite sure what I would end up wearing to my Grandpa’s funeral.

What’s a girl to do?

Go on a frantic shopping spree – Emily Gilmore style!

I was initially looking at the weather in Buffalo and kind of freaked about the fact that it would be cold – like in the low 40s. I don’t have anything to wear in the 40s!

(Of course I do – but I was in a panic.)

It had also been raining and the thought of trying to walk to the grave while wearing my usual shoes just about killed me.


So clearly ordering these Nine West Holdtight Boots was helpful.


I got it together then and ordered these Nine West Orsella boots and they turned out to be the absolute perfect pair!

We then moved on to dresses.

I overnighted myself this Scallop Ponte Dress and this Ponte Fit and Flare Dress.

I got a notice about 12 hours later that they weren’t available to be shipped overnight and instead I could enjoy 10% off a future order.

Oh Banana. That was unhelpful.

The Scallop dress did end up making it to me but looked a little weird and I think I’ll end up sending it back.

I decided at this point that I needed to head to the mall to see what what there.


Since I was clearly unable to think clearly, I decided for a few moments that I needed a winter coat. And this Bell Sleeve Coat from Loft was super adorable and was exactly what I *thought* I needed.

Unfortunately they didn’t have my size, but I definitely recommend this coat. It’s a good weight for winter and the sleeves are adorable.


I am a huge fan of this Marled Moto Coat.

It’s a heavy weight and warm coat for winter. It’s also really fun because of the zipper being on the side.

This wasn’t quite what I wanted for the funeral, so I passed. I may go back for it later.


I am crazy in love with this Textured Cowl Neck Sweater. It’s super comfortable and will look really cute with a pair of black leggings or jeans.

I wasn’t going to wear this to the funeral but it will be a good sweater for fall!


Lastly I tried on this Floral Tipped Utility Blouse and this Seamed Floppy Skirt.

I ended up buying the skirt and didn’t get the shirt, but I think it’ll be really cute for work.

PS – do you love how it matches my fun penguin socks? hehe

So it turns out that despite all of this shopping, I ended up wearing outfits that I already had in my closet.

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