Life Lately


Lots of stuff has been happening around here and I feel like I’m just not getting around to blogging about it!

I took this picture when I flew to NYC last week for a work trip. It was just beautiful to see from the plane.

A few Fridays ago, for some reason, The Hubster needed to go to Lowe’s for something for work. He promised me that we’d go out to dinner afterwords, so I wandered around Lowe’s for awhile.




And then The Hubster stepped in and said that we could leave. haha


So we went for sushi.

And I think this is the only picture that I took. haha


The next morning, our friends wanted to go for a drive in their summer car and asked if we wanted to come along.


Shoes: Treasure & Bond Merrick Perforated Sneaker | Nordstrom

It was super cold for me that morning – so I brought along a warm blanket and a Patagonia fleece.


Hat: Fixer Upper Hat | Magnolia Market
Shirt: Treasure & Bond Varsity Striped Tee | Nordstrom

I amused myself by taking selfies.

We visited a farm and got some apples and pumpkins.

IMG_0736[1]I’m pretty sure I made The Hubster mad by insisting on stopping for lattes.

But then after he drank his, he admitted it was a good idea.


And then our friends visited and the kids (and their dad) thought that the tractor was pretty much their favorite.

No for real.

They all spent the majority of the weekend riding around on it.

It was really fun to have them visit. The kids are adorable. And we love having friends stay with us.


Then I flew to NYC for work.

I saw on the tarmac on a bus for about 20 minutes. It’s really not that fun. lol

No fun.


I had some time to kill before my first meeting, so I headed to Starbucks and got a bunch of work done.


After my meeting, I headed to the pedicure place I used to go to all the time when I lived there.

It was amazing. They’re so nice and it’s so incredibly reasonable that I couldn’t not pop in!

My fingers are Essie Cashmere Bathrobe and my toes are Essie Size Matters.

I recommend both of them!


I was meeting a co-worker for dinner and got there rather early. So I did what any person would do – I parked myself at the bar, watched the Yankee game, and ordered a dirty martini!


Plus the gormet kobe beef hot dog.

It was delightful!

My co-worker got there and ordered a super giant steak for dinner.

What did I eat, you ask?

Some chicken (boring) and this key lime pie! (yum!)


I had a morning meeting, but before I left for it, I stopped in this deli that we used to frequent for lunch all the time. I bought a couple of large sandwiches to bring back for The Hubster and another co-worker.


And I popped into a bagel place we used to eat at on Saturday mornings.

The guy at the counter even remembered me! It’s been 3 years too!!


Then it was time to drive home.

So it’s been a really busy few weeks for us, but all good and fun stuff!

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