Weekend Fun


Last weekend was a really good one. We had plans but got to have some freedom too. It was perfect for us!


The weather was really blah on Friday. It looked like it was going to rain all day but the forecast said it would just be dreary.

So when we got home from work, I told The Hubster we should have a fire. He was skeptical, but the weather seemed to be holding out.

I bundled myself up (it was cold!) and we say by the fire for the night.


You guys – I love fires on a cool night.

They’re so relaxing.


It eventually got too cold for me to be outside (low 50s!) and so we moved the party inside and The Hubster turned on the fireplace.

On Saturday we headed to a wedding for one of our co-workers, Clair. It was held in a barn and was decorated so nicely!

I loved all the little details that were so Clair and Dave.

Instead of a unity candle or sand, they each poured a little bit of whiskey into a barrel and will open it up on their 10th anniversary.

They cut their cake with a machete too!

We had a really great time dancing the night away too!


The dessert table didn’t disappoint either! 🙂


Congratulations Clair and Dave! 🙂

I didn’t get a good picture of what I wore to the wedding, but it’s this Jessica Simpson dress and these Kenneth Cole Shoes.


We decided to drive around a little before coming home on Sunday and realized we were only about 20 minutes from the Flight 93 Memorial.

I’ll talk more about that in a few days, but I’ll just say that this was really a great place to visit and I’m so glad that we stopped to see it.


From there we found this really cool farm-to-table freshtaurant, Horn O Plenty.

We’re on the fence about this one. While they warn you that it’s a “freshtaurant” and not fast food, it took way longer than I thought it should. I get that it’s not as fast as McDonalds, but we waited about 40 minutes for our food. It was busy in there but not so busy they couldn’t have cooked a bit faster.

The food was just okay.

I did like that you could buy some of their fresh produce that they grow on-site.


It was kind of cool that their menus were on Nooks too. They said it’s because they change their menus daily and this helps them to keep up.


From their we found this amazing orchard.

I love fall apples!

We bought a big bag of honey crisp apples! Sooo good!


The Hubster refused to pose in front of this apple.


He was too busy talking to these turkeys.


After the orchard, we figured we should head back home and get ready for a picnic we had later that night.

But then we found this cute winery and made a quick pit stop!

We even found a bottle to buy! 🙂


Then we hung out with this dude for a few hours. He’s so cute! 🙂


Then I got really sick and The Hubster had to take me to MedExpress.

And my picture taking dropped off.

I’m okay – I just came down with an infection and it kind of kicked my butt and I was down for a few days.

On Labor Day we had brunch with our neighbors and after that I kind of laid on the couch and watched movies.

I don’t like being sick, I did have a great weekend otherwise. 🙂

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