Target Tuesday


It’s Target Tuesday!

And this one is awesome!

I was really sad when I realized Target was going to discontinue some of its most popular lines. But I have to say, the new stuff is really good and I’m a huge fan!

Shirt: A New Day Women’s Floral Embroidered Shirt
Skirt: A New Day Women’s Pleated Midi Skirt

I picked this outfit because I saw it on the mannequin and thought it looked adorable.

And it totally is adorable, maybe just not together on me.

The skirt is really comfy and I like how flowy it is.

The shirt was a really heavy material and felt super well made.

Shirt: A New Day Women’s Relaxed T-Shirt
Skirt: A New Day Women’s Plain Pencil Skirt

I love this skirt. It’s the perfect fall compliment. And you can wear it with burgandy, cream, or black.

Honestly, I think I should have gotten 1 size up because this one was a tiny bit tight. But other than that, the skirt was awesome.

And the shirt was the same as the previous one. Really well made and comfortable.

Shirt: A New Day Women’s Relaxed T-Shirt
Pants: A New Day Women’s Printed Skinny Ankle Pants

I LOVE these pants. They remind me of the ones I have from Gap. Except these are a fraction of the price, even when they are on sale.

The fit was awesome.

I have a hard time finding pants because I’m 5’1″ and often the “short” length is too long, but these were perfect for me. I think they were supposed to be cropped on regular people but they fit so great on me.

You can also see the shirt is a high-low when untucked, too.


Shirt: A New Day Women’s Striped 3/4 Sleeve Boatneck T-Shirt
Jeans: Mossimo Jeans Mid Rise

The new Target line has boatnecks? In stripes?

All the heart eyes!

And I was fully prepared to hate these jeans, but they are adorable!


Shirt: A New Day Women’s Striped Cuffed T-Shirt
Jeans: Mossimo Jeans Mid Rise

Another striped shirt that’s well made and adorable for fall weather?

Yes! Please!!


Similar Shirt: Chips Salsa Repeat Shirt
Jeans: Mossimo Jeans Mid Rise

This shirt is so comfy – it’s like wearing jammies.

Yes. Yes. Yes.


Dress: Mossimo Women’s Long Sleeved Woven Dress

This is such an adorable dress and I can’t wait to wear it this fall. It’s lightweight, so when it gets hot at lunchtime, you won’t be sweltering.

It is a bit gauzy, so I will probably wear it with some black shorts underneath.


Dress: Merona Women’s Striped Knit Maxi

I so wanted this dress to fit me because it’s under $9.


Unfortunately, I’m not a medium so I didn’t get it.

But if you in the market for a really marked down maxi dress, get over to your Target!


Same with this one, except it was $4.

Not super flattering.

But I almost bought it.

Hoodie: Mossimo Women’s Front Lace Up
Leggings: Mossimo Wrap Leggings

Hello super super comfy!

This hoodie is pretty much what I want to live in all the time.

But the leggings. Adorable and high waist so it sucks it all in.

So there you have it.

A lot of really amazing stuff this month.

I kind of want to go to the other Target near me to see what else they have.

I might do that.

But this was a pretty great trip!!


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