Random Bits of Life


It has been that kind of crazy around here.

Here are a few random bits of life these days.

I went into the big freezer the other day and realized that we only have ice cream and pizza in there.

I mean, that’s pretty much a dream for me. But maybe I need to branch out. And maybe act my age.



We’ve lived in PA for almost 3 years now, but it still never ceases to surprise me when I see stores like Target selling fireworks.

As a 32 year long resident of New York state, everything explosive or fun, for that matter, was banned. We used to have to drive to PA to get fireworks.

Now that I live in PA and guns and fireworks and camo are a common place, I regularly hear that if you want the “good” fireworks, you have to go to West Virginia or Ohio. Both of which are only 45 minutes away.



For Mother’s Day last weekend, we took my in-laws, my parents, my grandpa, my brother, and my sister-in-law and her family out to hibachi to celebrate. There aren’t too many places that can accommodate 12 of us!

We had a really fun time and I think everyone had fun.



My nephew freaked out (freaked out) over these cupcakes on Sunday.

Of course, Auntie Sarah would totally have bought it for him, but I wasn’t sure if his mom really wanted him to have this.

They decided that we would all share it.

Have you ever shared with a 4 year old?

He ate it.

Sugar high ensued.

Auntie Sarah and Uncle Hubster gave hugs and kisses and said bye-bye.

Being an auntie is pretty great. 😉


That’s pretty much what’s happening around here. Little bits of random crazy. haha

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