Weekend Shenanigans


Oh Monday – how is it that you are back again so quickly?

At least it was a good weekend! 🙂


Friday turned out pretty great. One of my best friend’s daughter competed in a dance competition this weekend in my city. We don’t get to see each other very often and I was thrilled to be able to hang out with them.

Unfortunately her performance was on Friday morning and I couldn’t leave work, but I was able to live stream her performance! She finished 8th in her age group (out of 100 girls). Congrats Brooke!!


Friday night I cried all the tears as I caught up on This is Us.


Saturday morning was actually really relaxing. I was lazy for a little bit but then had some emails and work to take care of. So I made a cup of coffee and just relaxed in the quiet. The Hubster was still in bed so it was quiet downstairs. I got some work done and it was really nice.

It almost makes me want to wake up early to do this every day.



Saturday afternoon I needed to run into Target to get a shower caddy.


You can see I left Target with pretty much everything but a shower caddy. (They didn’t have the one we wanted.)

Laundry soap was on sale.

These sandals were adorable.

And I mean, I really wanted to try that new face wash.



Saturday night I headed to visit with my bestie and her girls. While I didn’t get any pictures with them, we had a great time catching up over some burgers.

Then we shopped! 🙂 Our favorite thing ever.

Unexpected weekends with friends makes my heart happy.


When I got home, The Hubster and I watched Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. We thought it was going to be a comedy – maybe because we assumed it would be because Tina Fey is in it.

There are some funny moments, but it’s not a hilarious movie.

It’s kind of a war movie.

I kind of hate war movies but I didn’t hate this one.

The Hubster also had a long, frustrating day, so I brought him home this Lego car as a present.


I have been craving donuts for awhile now. I gave in on Sunday morning.

Sunday night we had some friends over for fondue dinner. So I spent the morning getting everything ready – marinating the meat, getting the pots out, preparing the dipping sauces.

Item to note: I don’t know how to make fondue for only 4 people (what we originally had planned.) I made so much food and had to invite more people.

How do you cook for 2 or 4 people?!? I have not mastered that skill yet.

I can cook for one or 20.

It’s a problem.

Anyway, fondue was amazing!

We did 2 pots – one had chicken stock and white wine and the other had beef stock and red wine.

We cooked venison, pork, beef tenderloins, chicken, and shrimp.

Everything was delicious and we had a fun night.

We have bunches of leftovers, so I think I’ll make a stroganoff this week with the leftover meats.

Sunday night ended with an episode of When Calls the Heart and some laundry. I know, how can anyone compete with that? haha

Hope you guys all have a good week!

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