Target Tuesday

Target Tuesday

Yay! You know what Target Tuesday means – I went shopping!!!

This week’s Target Tuesday is a little shorter than normal. The Hubster’s car was in the shop and he came along on my shopping trip. He hates Target (blasphemy!) and ran into Lowe’s for something and then waited in the car while I shopped around. So I had to hurry.

He told me to take my time but I didn’t think it was nice to leisurely stroll through every single aisle, so I kept it to half the store!


Top: Strappy Lace Up Tee
Similar Jeans: Kut from the Kloth Diana Skinny Jeans | Nordstrom
Similar Boots: BCBG Caroena Peep Toe Bootie | Nordstrom

I totally picked this top because it reminded me of this shirt and it’s a little cheaper. I didn’t like it once I tried it on and I think because it just felt like it would stretch out. The material was really soft though.

Dress: Cold Shoulder Lace Chiffon Dress

I thought this would be a really cute dress for vacation.


It was way cuter on the hanger. Obviously because I got one in black and white to try. It just felt big and baggy.

Sad. It looked adorable.


Top: Convertible Sleeve Blouse
Pants: Bi-Stretch Modern Ankle Pant

Love this outfit.

I bought the shirt because it’s super cute for work and very comfortable. (Ignore that I was wearing a black bra underneath a white shirt. Clearly my mom taught me better than that. haha)

The pants were comfy and look okay in this picture, but they were super tight. I sized down because, well, I thought I was a few pounds less than I actually am. So they fit in the legs and not so much in the waist. lol

It was all in all a successful trip to Target! 🙂

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