Show and Tell Tuesday


It’s Show and Tell Tuesday with momfessionals! 🙂

*edited to include updated graphic for 2017!

Because it’s Valentine’s Day, we’re talking about our loves.


This guy right here is the love of my life.

The Hubster and I met on a blind date in the summer of 2003. We decided to be friends for awhile.

But then one day he asked if I wanted to hang out and get some ice cream at Dairy Queen.

The night he proposed, he lured me over to his house by asking if I could help him work on the sailboat. And after I had helped, he would take me for ice cream.

Clearly he knows the way to my heart is through ice cream.

We have even gotten into arguments over ice cream.

Right after we got engaged, The Hubster had to move to Colorado for work. I didn’t make the move with him, but I did hop into the U-Haul with him and make the 24+ hour drive. About 21 hours into the drive, I spotted a Dairy Queen at a rest stop. I asked to stop so I could have a treat. He looked at me like I had asked for a four course steak dinner and said, “we only have 3 more hours to go and we’re almost there. Can’t you wait until we get there?”

Of course I got upset and it’s become something we *still* talk about. That he denied me ice cream 21 hours into the trip. If he had just stopped and got me ice cream, we wouldn’t be having this conversation 8 years later. <insert crying laughing emoji>


These peeps here are my family.

They have seen me at my very best and very worst. They’ve seen my temper tantrums, stubbornness, and biting snark. They’ve been there for me when I married the love of my life, lost my job, won school awards, and graduated from kindergarten, 8th grade, high school, and college.

I would never have gotten to this place in my life without these people.

I would do anything for any of them.


And these lovelies here (missing 2 of them) are my in-laws.

I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined that these people would allow me to feel like such a part of them.

They love me like I was born into the family.

The rest of my loves are these fantastic friends.

They are the best friends I could ever ask for in this life. I’m definitely so lucky to have all of them.

There’s nothing quite like a night in (or out) with all or some of these lovely ladies.

Can’t wait to see all of your loves! 🙂


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