Christmas Game Night


Can you believe that Christmas is less than a week away?

For real.

I’m finishing my shopping today. Whether I like it or not, I am not coming back into this house until it’s done.

And, if you’re anything like The Hubster and me, you’re also planning all the family gatherings that are on tap for next week.

I got an email a week ago from Sherry at Personal Creations sharing some Christmas party games for us to play.

With Christmas just a few days away, you are likely to be gathering with friends and family. If you have already watched your holiday movies and opened your presents, break out some fun Christmas party games to keep your guests entertained! Personal Creations came up with this fun interactive to help you find the perfect game for your event. They have a recommendation for all types of parties for small get-togethers to large groups. Be sure to have your camera ready! Some of these games could result in funny photos.  ~Sherry @ Personal Creations

I’m always down for a fun game night – so I printed  the ones below to get started. I’ll be honest,  I’m kind of excited to see how many marshmallows my brother-in-law can eat. 🙂


Click on the links to get even more ideas for your Christmas parties! And comment below to let me know if you try any of the games!

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