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Since I’m on a fall getaway to one of my favorite places with The Hubster, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on one of my favorite authors – Nicholas Sparks!

So unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 15 years, then you totally know Nicholas Sparks.


Does this even need an explanation?

Poor boy meets rich girl. Rich girl’s parents don’t approve. Boy works hard to get girl’s approval. Boy and girl meet again years later.

You get the picture. And have probably seen the movie. 😉


This is actually the first Nicholas Sparks book that I ever read. Movie too.

I loved it.

Thought it was cheesy.

And clamored for more.

Love the idea that this man wrote love letters to his wife. Love his boat. Love how he tried to move on.


Who else watched this movie because of Mandy Moore?

I would ordinarily raise my hand and be embarrassed, but Mandy Moore is totally kicking butt in This Is Us, so I don’t even feel sheepish.

I love this story. I like how Jamie “saved” Landon. Adorable.


Gasp! The first one that’s not yet a movie! hahaha

I also have no recollection of reading this book. I mean I’m sure I had to have…I think I’ve read every single one of these books. And when I read the synopsis online it kind of rings a bell.

So does anyone out there have any insight? 🙂


Wow – I read this book so long ago. But it was really good.

It’s always so dramatic when you keep a terrible secret from the one you love. Especially when it’s clearly the love of your life and you don’t quite know how to tell him.

Thank goodness I’ve never had to worry that my brother accidentally killed my boyfriend’s first wife. hahahahaha


Of all of Nicholas Sparks books, this is one that I was never really able to connect with. I think because the leading lady was in her 40s and I was like 19 when I read this. And the thought of being divorced with kids was so unfathomable to me.

I was trying to get the cute guy in my Intermediate Accounting class to notice me sitting next to him. hahaha

I relate only slightly more because I’m closer to 40 now that I have ever been. (Profound, I know.)


I think this is the first Sparks book I couldn’t put down because I wanted to see what happened next. I was fascinated by the story and wanted to know who was following Julie. And who did she really want to be with.


This was a little bit of a bummer to me. I think because this came out after the movie The Notebook and it’s based on them, well kind of. And I knew there could never be a real sequel like this book in the movies because well, spoiler alert, Allie and Noah die in the movie. So I’m not sure how this book could exist in the movies.

Not to say that it has to be a movie.

But I don’t know. This wasn’t one of my favorites.


Didn’t read it.

Don’t really want to read a memoir.

I’m a terrible person.


This wasn’t one of the better ones I’ve read.

Not that I don’t believe in ghosts and spirits.

But I just didn’t connect with this book.


So this is a sequel to True Believer and it’s slightly more romantic and up my alley.


“And that’s all I have to say about that,” said Forrest Gump.



Yes. Yes to everything.

Loved the story.

Loved the movie. (Can we all say Channing Tatum?)

Cried at the book.

Cried at the movies.

Love fest happening around this book. After a few duds (in my opinion), this one totally redeemed the whole thing.


So after a giant hit like Dear John, I thought this was just okay. Didn’t hate it. Just didn’t really stay with me.

I haven’t seen the movie. Maybe on a rainy day when The Hubster is gone I’ll take a peek at it.


This was another good one. It really developed the characters and I really liked how Logan and Beth had this amazing connection. And how Logan connected with Ben, Beth’s son.

I also didn’t think I would like Zach Efron in the movie.

I was wrong. Oh so wrong.


Full disclosure.

I didn’t like this book because I knew when I read it there was a movie with Miley Cyrus in it. And I thought she was a little, no so much me, so I read this book with pre-conceived notions.

Didn’t like it.

Thought the story was weird.

Never saw the movie.


A few years ago The Hubster and I went to Maui and I packed my iPad with books. (I was so silly and hadn’t learned the loveliness of a Kindle yet.)

I couldn’t stop reading this book.

I actually told The Hubster to go to the store and get dinner without me because I couldn’t stop reading it. I also may have gotten a little bit of sunburn because I was more interested in finishing this book than reapplying sunscreen.

Loved it.

The movie was okay. I had a different image of the characters in my mind. But it didn’t ruin the book for me at all.  Really loved the book.


I liked this book but found the ending to be a little far fetched.

I haven’t seen the movie yet. I’m waiting to see it with my friend, Erin.

Let’s revisit this after I’ve seen the movie.


Might be one of my favorites. It’s up there with Dear John.

I think I read this while we were on a trip. And probably told The Hubster to leave me alone so I could continue reading.

In the nicest voice possible, of course. 😀

The movie. All I can say is, Scott Eastwood.

I’m drooling at my desk thinking about him right now.

It’s shame I’m married. Because I think Scott would make a fantastic husband.

Okay, I’m back to reality. 🙂


And just when I think Nicholas’s books can’t get any better, See Me comes out and blows me away.

The Hubster and I returned to Maui in February.

I pretty much spent a few days at the beach reading this book. I would basically only leave this book if I got too hot or if The Hubster begged me to have some kind of conversation.

I spent the entire book imagining who would play these people in the movie.

Loved this book. So. Much Love.


So Two By Two is out now. And you can bet your last dollar I’m reading it this week.

Of course I’ll let you know how it is when I’m back! 🙂

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