Stranded – Outerwear


It’s another edition of Stranded with Shay and Erika! And this month we’re talking about the 3 pieces of outerwear we would bring to our deserted island.

North Face Fleece


I love love love my North Face.  I originally bought this one because it had pink on it (and we all know how much I love the color pink.) The added bonus was that a donation was made to breast cancer research.

Once I had this jacket in my hands, I fell in love. It’s warm, it has a small amount of wind resistance, and it goes with mostly everything. This North Face also can zip into my big winter coat too, so it makes my winter jacket even warmer.


Super Giant Puffy Winter Coat


Okay, so I know looking at this picture is going to make you feel cold. And I know it’s November, but no one is ready for this kind of snow!

I bought this coat (similar here) probably 10 years ago and it was a crazy awesome deal. This coat was a $300 coat that I got in March on clearance and with a coupon. I paid $20. Yes, $20. It’s so big and heavy and warm that I only wear it on the days that are under 20 degrees or big snow like this.

So in case of snow like this in the deserted island, I would need this coat! 😉

This is me, in December 2013, in front of Niagara Falls. It had just snowed and was crazy cold. We were in town for a party and had some friends with us who had never seen the Falls. So we took them. And they loved it. Plus complained about the cold, but well, it’s Buffalo, peeps. It’s cold and snowy sometimes!

Helly Hansen Rain Jacket


I really really wanted this Helly Hansen Crew Jacket and for Valentine’s Day, The Hubster bought it for me. (We were at a boat show together and the booth next to ours had the jackets and I “hinted” for 3 days until he just bought it for me!)

I have to say, it’s super cute and I love it. But I wish it had a hood. And it’s not super warm. So on colder days, I wear my North Face underneath it and it’s perfect. 🙂

Bonus:  Old Navy Quilted Frost Free Vest


I’ve really started to get into this Old Navy vest. It’s cute and warm and goes with mostly all my outfits. If it’s really cold out, I’ll throw a fleece on underneath and I’m good to go!

Stay tuned next month for the last one of 2016! We’re talking about our favorite Christmas movies! Which really, for me, is just movies I watch year round. hahaha


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