Lazy Weekend Fun


We had a really great lazy weekend. Don’t you just love those?


We were super lazy on Saturday morning. I caught up on some shows (This Is Us is hitting me in all the feels.) and just was generally lazy. We did make it out and headed to this cute coffee shop we found.


The barista makes cool foam art in your lattes! This is my first vanilla latte and I have to say, I didn’t hate it. haha I only recently discovered my love for coffee, so I’m slowly tasting these fancy coffee drinks.


Also, I insisted on this coconut macaroon. It was amazing.

My Aunt Sue makes this fantastic scones that I only ever get to have at Christmas. These are almost as good as hers.


Saturday afternoon I thought we could attempt a Christmas card picture. Major fail.

Before taking the pictures, we stopped by a friend’s house to drop something off. In chatting outside casually, a bug flew in my eye. Let me say it again. A BUG FLEW INTO MY EYE.

Not only did it fly into my eye, it got stuck on my contact and I had to take it out. Of course I threw it out.

But I am really blind (really, really blind) without my contacts/glasses, so I could only see out of my right eye. And my perspective got all messed up because one eye was doing all the work.

Since we were already out, The Hubster thought we should still try to take the pictures. And well. These aren’t that great.

My selfie stick wasn’t at its best. lol

There’s so much happening in this picture. I’m in The Hubster’s shadow. He’s in the sun. My poncho sweater looks weird. Not the Christmas card pic.


Saturday night we partied next door with Sassy Mama and her peeps. It was fantastic. Awesome fire. Good food. Hilarious conversation.


Sunday was a continuation of the lazy. The Hubster worked on this model for a few hours and I online shopped.

I love lazy weekends. 🙂

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