Weekend Shenanigans


Phew – this was a tiring weekend!  From celebrating birthdays to a costume party, we packed it in!


Friday I left work a few hours early and drove to Buffalo to celebrate my Grandpa’s 93rd birthday. He is so amazing. Seriously. He’s 93 years old, lives alone in the house he and my Grandma built in 1955, drives, wears glasses only to drive, is a WWII veteran, has a 1/2 acre garden that he maintains alone, and cans about 350 jars of vegetables by himself every year.


I like to think I have a special bond with him.  Grandpa was the first person to make me laugh. I spent many nights “on vacation” at his house and we would hang out all the time. I really  miss living closer to him. When I lived in Buffalo, I would see him at least weekly. Now I try to make sure I visit whenever I’m in town.


Grandpa seemed really happy to have all of us there.  Here are 5 of his 7 grandchildren (plus significant others, minus The Hubster).  One of my cousins is a physician’s assistant and was on call.  And my other cousin is in the Navy on a submarine, somehwere in the world.

One cool thing – my cousin, Doug, (top right in blue shirt) is the oldest grandchild and has the same birthday as my Grandpa. So it was really cool that we could celebrate them together!


Grandpa was over picture taking at this point.  But here he is with his 3 kids, plus my Dad!


Another perk of the night – getting to spend some time with my brother. I don’t get to see him very often and it was good to laugh and joke with him. He gets me. There’s something about having a brother that’s awesome.


Saturday morning I got the best treat ever – my dad made me my favorite oatmeal.

When I was little, on really cold days, my dad would wake me up for school early and tell me it would be a cold day and he made me a breakfast treat. So I would put on my uniform and head downstairs. He would have the Today Show on and bowl of oatmeal waiting for me.

My grandma used to make this oatmeal for my dad and uncles when they were kids.

My mom hates this oatmeal.  My brother hates this oatmeal.  The Hubster hates this oatmeal.  I am the only person who likes my dad’s oatmeal.  More for us. 😛


On my way out of town, I stopped into the grocery store to pick up some Buffalo treats to bring back. Since Buffalo’s a small town, I ran into my father-in-law in the parking lot! What a coincidence!


Saturday night we went to a Halloween party dressed as our favorite Fixer Upper peeps! Chip and Joanna! I teased a shipment from Magnolia last week and it was our costumes.

Let me just say, those shirts are uh-mazingly soft.  I’ll be wearing mine quite often.


Aren’t we such party animals? hahaha

Funny story about my costume. I rarely curl my hair or wear a lot of makeup. One day while we were watching Fixer Upper, The Hubster looked at me and said, “you’re going to have to wear some more eyeliner and do something with your hair.”

I had no idea The Hubster knew what eyeliner was.



Love this crazy guy of mine.


Doesn’t my friend look amazing as a doe?  Her boyfriend went as the hunter.  They’re adorable.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing and catching up on stuff we didn’t do all week like laundry and running the dishwasher. #adulting

Sigh.  Now it’s back to regular life. 🙂

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