Weekend Shenanigans

We had such a fun weekend! After being so busy for so long, we really let our hair down and had fun!


On Friday night, we went to a Gatsby themed fundraiser for Animal Friends of Westmoreland. Since I love a good dress up party (lol), I scoured Amazon and found us some fun costumes.  Of course it wouldn’t be me, if I didn’t buy 2 other outfits and return the ones that didn’t fit. haha


We had tons of fun! And almost everyone dressed in period clothes.


Sharing a night with one of your besties is my fav.


Since this fundraiser was for animals, one of the celebrity guests was this adorable puppy. She was found in a garbage dumpster with her brothers and sisters. I really wanted to take her home, but someone (ahem…The Hubster) said we don’t need to bring home a puppy. I think he’s a spoil sport.

Like any good fundraiser, there was an auction. So I bought tickets, put them in for a few different items, and actually won this time! Of course, I won a box of cat stuff (for my mom’s cats) and a box of candy. Why couldn’t I have won the bucket of wine or gift card for Starbucks? At least I won something. lol


Can you all say a quick prayer for my friend Debbie today? She’s having cancer surgery this afternoon and is scared and nervous. But I know she’s a fighter and will just beat this beast again.


On Saturday I went to a friend’s Lularoe party and brought these cute acorn treats. They are super easy to make. If you melt some chocolate chips, take Hershey Kisses, dip the bottom into the chocolate and attach them to a Mini Nilla Wafer. Let chocolate harden. Then take a butterscotch chip, dip it into the melted chocolate, and attach to the top of the wafer. And voila! It’s an acorn!


My father-in-law came to visit us on Saturday night. He and The Hubster installed my new kitchen faucet. And I am SO excited about it. The old one was short and I couldn’t fit a tall pot under it. This one has a sprayer and it’s so pretty.


Then I made a yummy dinner of roasted chicken and veggies. We enjoyed each other’s company and caught up on life.

And since they love to do projects together, The Hubster and his dad put all of our patio furniture away for the winter. Sad. I wasn’t ready for the patio to be ready for winter.

Plus, we had this old door that we didn’t need, so my father-in-law took it home to use for something else. I’m glad that he’ll be able to use it. He seems thrilled with his new door too. hehe

Sunday night we were pretty happy to just chill out and relax. I love nights to do that. 🙂

Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend, too. It’s gonna be another busy week!

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