Thursday Thoughts


It’s Thursday, Friends! Although I feel like it’s Tuesday or Wednesday because I’ve been traveling for work so much. Come on it and let’s chat about some random thoughts!


I think ever since I started this blog, the amount of selfies I take has increased exponentially. I mean I want to document what I’m doing and show you all of my fantastic sales and clothes.

If anyone ever stole my phone and looked through my camera roll, they’d think I was the most vain person alive.


My book club has decided to meet for dinner and see Girl on the Train tonight. This was the book we read this month  and we thought it might be fun to shake it up and see the movie. I can’t wait – it should be so good!


Who else is obsessed with This Is Us? I mean, I can’t get enough. I was busy this week and didn’t get to watch it yet. If I didn’t have movie club, I would totally try to beat The Hubster home so I could watch it before he took control of the tv.


I am totally on the Ken Bone wagon. I don’t want to get political but I watched the debate and this guy just seems awesome. He went from 7 followers on Twitter to like 180,000 and had Snoop tweet at him. Ken Bone is the man!

Ronald McDonald Identity Crisis

There’s a weird clown thing happening and I don’t like it one bit. It’s weird and creepy and makes me sad for Ronald McDonald. He’s actually a good clown. Poor guy.


I’m really on a Peach Snapple kick these days. It feels very old school. But it’s delicious!


I made roasted chicken for dinner last night and during the middle of the roasting process, all of our smoke alarms went off. There was no smoke or burning, so I’m not sure exactly what happened.

All I know is that when I opened all the available doors and turned on the fan, the alarm continued to go off and yell “FIRE FIRE” and beep incessantly.

The good news is that the alarms work and that there was no real fire.

The bad news is that you’ll have to yell very loud or text me because the beeping was quite loud.

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