I Survived Another Trade Show


I just got back from almost a week of being in Annapolis for work.

I am so glad to be home.

I missed my bed.

I missed being warm.

I am so happy to be home.

So the first day there, I drove in the U-Haul van with a co-worker. I don’t know if any of you have ever worked trade shows, but the move in and break down process is awful. Awful. Basically the breakdown of society as we know it. People lose all sense of decorum and the ability to park.

Compounding the madness of a lot of people moving their life’s work into and out of the show, is the fact that we (the royal we – my company) has a ton of very heavy stuff to cart around.  I mean it looks super cool. It’s just crazy heavy and a giant pain to set up.

What I’m trying to say is that it’s loads of fun and my favorite part about travel. [insert eyeroll]

After we hauled our loot out of the U-Haul and set it up, we found this really cool outside bar – 1747 Pub. It’s an outside bar and there was a guy playing his guitar. So we had a drink, I met up with an old friend, and relaxed a bit.


And in the morning, people were lining up about an hour before the show started to get in. It’s a little bit overwhelming how many people go to this show.


Despite the fact that I was super tired and wanted to go back to bed, I rallied, and we showed off the Imperium.

If anyone wants to know what Imperium is or does, go to WATT Fuel Cell and check us out.


One of the best perks of the show is that Hendrick’s Gin is a sponsor and they provide tastings. 🙂 I like trying all their new recipes and seeing what they have getting mixed up in the tent.


Hurray!  The Hubster joined in on the fun.


On Friday night, we snuck out for a date. It wasn’t fancy, but the cream of crab soup was amazing and I think I clogged my arteries. But it was delish!

And then it started to rain.

A lot.

The gross cold rain where your feet get wet and you feel cold right down to your bones.

And while we joke that WATT stands for “working all the time” and that we work in all weather, I am not a good work in the rain person.

I don’t like being wet and cold.


Sunday it was sunny, but still cold.

So I remedied the situation by buying these socks and boots. I don’t know if I would have bought these boots in any other situation (they hit mid -calf and I think look a little weird on me). But my feet were so cold and wet and I didn’t really care what I had on my feet at that point.

They are super warm and saved the day.

And my complaining.

The Hubster didn’t even flinch when I came back to the booth with these babies. I think he realized that a happy me is much better than a freezing cold complaining me. 🙂

And then the show slowed down and I got bored and photobombed the product.

We got home last night and I have never been so happy to have the heat turned up and my flannel pajamas. I’m actually really looking forward to that again tonight!



I’ve been having a lot of random crazy in my life and I was ready to just walk away from some of it. But one of my friends posted this meme on Instagram and it really made me think.

I’m not ready to walk away from this storm.

Hope everyone’s having a good week! Tomorrow is a Stranded and we’re talking Halloween candy! Yum!

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