Sassy Mama Says!


Sassy Mama’s back! And she’s here with some jewelry tips this month!

[rule of being in odd numbers]


Sassy Mama says that you should wear jewelry in odd numbers. If you’re stacking bracelets, you should wear them in multiples of 3 or 5. Or if you have a bunch of necklaces, wear them in 3s. (Yes, I often violate this rule and wear necklaces in pairs. Sassy Mama frowns upon this behavior.)

[wear one statement piece]


Sassy Mama says you should wear one large statement piece. It could be earrings. It could be a necklace. It could be a bracelet. But too many large statement pieces overwhelm you and the specialness of the statement piece is lost.

 [don’t let the statement piece overwhelm you]

If you’re a small framed person (like me) the above statement necklace might overwhelm my neck and upper chest area. The necklace is going to totally take over. So I generally avoid very large statement necklaces.

But I do wear big earrings. Because they don’t overwhelm my head. And I have a lot of dark hair, so bigger earrings will look good on me.

Do you have any fashion questions? Sassy Mama and I would love to help! Send us a note or leave a comment!

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