Friday Favorites


After spending most of the week out of town, I’m linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea to share this week’s favorites.



We did Family Olympics last weekend and The Hubster and I went as Team PA in Superman outfits. We didn’t do too bad in the events.



Thirteen years ago (!!!) I met this guy. We decided to spend some time at the Erie County Fair where we had our first (blind) date. While we clearly haven’t aged a day since that August night in 2003, it was fun to revisit that day.

Of course no visit to the fair isn’t complete with the usual junk food extravaganza, rides, and exhibits.


The Hubster started with some Chiavetta’s chicken (my absolute favorite) but since I had recently ate some at home, I passed. Instead I went with the super healthy deep fried taco. It did not disappoint. We then moved on to a bucket o fries (not pictured). Then someone else had corn, and we all shared some kettle corn.


We ended the eating extravaganza with some lamb gyros. I was reminded that I love tzatiki sauce and it should be in my life on a more regular basis.


No fair experience would be complete without some rides, visiting with baby animals, and shopping. Note: I used to be the girl who had an iron stomach. I could eat all day and ride until my heart’s content. Then I turned 30 and I basically have to fast, ride only about 3 rides, and then get some Sprite in my stomach right away. Ugh. I hate that I’ve turned into a lightweight. Since we decided to continue the eating extravaganza, there were no rides for us. I did watch my adorable nephew ride the bumper cars and a roller coaster.

Erie County Fair 2016 – you didn’t disappoint!


We spent virtually this entire week out of town. I spent a lot of time looking at the clouds from the air and at a plane wing. And by today, you can tell we were over it.



One perk of traveling is the Nine West I encountered at the airport. All the shoes were 30% off. I found an adorable little pair for $20. #winning #hubsterthoughtiwentpotty



Wednesday I attended a co-worker’s naturalization ceremony. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever attended.

I’m a naturalized citizen of the U.S. I became a citizen when I was about a year old and my citizenship was granted via my parents. I think I attended a small naturalization ceremony but I don’t remember it. (It was in the days when I couldn’t walk unattended 😉

Yuliya was born in Uzbecistan and has been a permanent resident of the US for years and years. She decided a few months ago that she wanted to get her citizenship and I was so happy for her. She’d been keeping me in the loop on how it was going and when her ceremony was scheduled, I was thrilled she asked if I wanted to attend.

What an incredibly special day. 28 people from 16 different countries took the Oath of Citizenship. I had a hard time keeping myself together, because, feelings.

Each new citizen was given the opportunity to stand up and speak. A few of them did and it was so moving to hear their stories. Each told how and why they came to the U.S. Each one of them was so excited and so brave. It’s an honor to share citizenship with each and every one of them. I tried to keep it together because, again, feelings.

I’m so grateful Yuliya let me be a part of her celebration. I’m so happy for her.

Have a super duper weekend. I’ll be catching up on sleep and looking for some new outfits to feature here next week!!

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