IVF Update

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It’s been awhile since I updated on our IVF stuff and today seems like a good a day as any.

After the madness in April where I did all the stimulation medicine and we didn’t get enough follicles for the retrieval procedure, we took a little break.

Partially because the world was in quarantine.

Partially because we needed to figure out what the heck we wanted to do next.

We decided to try all the IVF stimulation medicine one more time and see how it went.

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So in late July, we started up all the shots again.

And it totally worked!!

My ovaries responded appropriately and we did the full egg retrieval.

Where it was my first time under anesthesia.

And I have no idea what happened.

I mean, I totally remember going into the surgery room and I started to panic a little when they started to strap my arms to the table. But then the anesthesiologist was like don’t worry, I’m going to give you something to make you a little sleepy and that was the last thing I remember.

(That was a good sleep, friends. Like amazing! hahaha)

So the good news was that they got 10 eggs!

We just hoped for like 1 good one.

We just needed 1.

We got 10 and The Hubster was secretly looking up church vans online.

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And then we found out that we had 7 good embryos!!

So they transferred one, we froze 6 and then we waited.

And HOLY COW, I was pregnant!

I mean, after all the negatives, we finally got a positive pregnancy test!!!

It was amazing.

We told our family and some friends but figured we would wait until I was further along before we told a ton of people.

I think my parents floated around in Outer Space for weeks.

Unfortunately, we lost the baby at 8 weeks.

I was feeling off and I knew something wasn’t right when I started having some bleeding. The nurse had me come in and found out that the baby was gone.

I knew there was a high rate of miscarriage but I didn’t realize until it happened that it was 1 in 4.

25% is really high.

So where are we now?

We’re okay.

On the positive side, I did get pregnant, so that means the procedure and all the crazy stuff worked! Which is awesome.

And we have more frozen embryos to use when we’re ready.

So I’m taking a bit to let my body get back to normal because what no one tells you is that miscarriage is hard on your body.

Harder than I had imagined.

We’re bummed that we lost the baby; we so wanted that little person.

We’re optimistic that we can try again and hope that one of those will work out.

6 thoughts on “IVF Update

  1. My prayers are with you for your bundle of joy. I don’t know you but read your blog everyday. You and your husband will make the best parents. ❤


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