The Laziest Week Ever


The first week of January was also a week of vacation for us. So while most people headed back to work after the holidays, we spent the week hibernating from the cold and doing basically nothing.

I’m sure you think I’m kidding, but I took a break from my pajamas to throw a New Year’s Eve party, took a picture to post on Instagram every day, and then spent more time in my pajamas.

Okay, so maybe I did a little more than that.  Come on in and see if I’m telling the truth 🙂

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Target Tuesday


So something really weird happened when I went into Target last week – there weren’t any clothes that I wanted to try on.

I know.

Pick my jaw up from the floor.

Don’t worry – I still managed to spend over $100 on laundry soap, paper towels, and other miscellaneous household items I may or may not have needed.

In any case, this Target Tuesday is online shopping. Mostly because their online store has so many more exciting things!

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